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October 05, 2007
Tivola and The Web Production

These two CD-game developed by The Web Production were localized into Hungarian.

Little boy Vicky is a son of Halvar, the Vikings’ stern leader. Vicky wants to go on a trip with his father and his team, but Halvar thinks that his son is too young for that. Nobody takes Vicky seriously because he is so young. But Vicky knows that a clever boy is worth as much as an adult with strong muscles. To obtain permission to set sail with the other Vikings, Vicky must first prove to his father that he is a strong and a skilful boy. The player must help Vicky collect various smart "tools" that will enable him to fulfill the most sophisticated tasks.

Willy has just shown Maya his new cap, a present from Lady Cassandra, when it is suddenly lost. When Maya and Willy set out in search of the cap, a storm breaks out. While all other insects are looking for a place to hide, brave little Maya is not afraid of the storm! During their quest Maya and Willy help other animals to find shelter from the storm, they meet many new friends and have to overcome numerous difficulties on their way. The player can help the bees by answering different questions about nature and solving interactive riddles and puzzles.