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September 02, 2007
Viva Media and The Web Production
The review of It's The Big Game, Charlie Brown! has been posted at Out of Eight PC Game Reviews. In particular they write:
“Part adventure game and part sports simulation, it is enjoyable for a large age range…
…It’s The Big Game, Charlie Brown! uses 2-D graphics that mirrors those found in the comic strip…
…The game looks like a color version of the comic strip, and that’s all you really need in a Peanuts-based game…
…Honestly, the graphics and the sound could not have been better for a Peanuts-licensed game, and keeping true to the original comic is what fans would prefer…”

It’s The Big Game, Charlie Brown! doesn’t simply use the Peanuts name to sell games: it is thought out and executed very well and appropriate for a large age range. The adventure mode is fun the first time through, recreating a believable Peanuts universe thanks to the spot-on graphics and sound. The mini-games are also plausible activities that link to the characters in the game. The baseball game uses simple controls but still manages to be a bit challenging, at least until you start connecting on hit after hit. It’s The Big Game, Charlie Brown! shows how a license is supposed to be used: to create a compelling and plausible game within the universe of that particular license. Those interested in a Peanuts-related game, or even just an adventure or baseball title, will find a lot to like in It’s The Big Game, Charlie Brown!”