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Open Way and The Web Production
The Baltic Star Hotel and The Web Production
White Days website owners reappoint The Web Production
November 28, 2003
Open Way and The Web Production
The Web Production and OpenWay continue the cooperation in web sites development. 4.10.2003 The Web Production concluded an agreement with OpenWay about Russian version development of the OpenWay web site. 1 year ago The Web Production implemented the English version of the OpenWay web site with TWP Content Management System built in. TWP Content Management System allows management of text and graphic information and doesn’t require any professional knowledge in IT field to make changes and to publish the web site. All modern requirements were taken into account by the web sites development. The Web Production developed the site taking into consideration the web sites usability, visual attraction, exact information structure as well as quick information search.
Open Way is a global provider of Software Solutions to the Finance and Payment Systems market. Its marketing operations have spread to Eastern Europe (Saint Petersburg and Moscow first of all) and Central Asia, and westwards to Western Europe. To be more open to Russian customers and to increase the sales value, OpenWay decided to develop the Russian version of the web site.  The Russian version will be based on the English version by taking into account the features of Russian Payment System market. 
We hope that our teamwork will be productive as it was by English version development.