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October 2008

Ernst Klett Verlag and The Web Production developed the first math-online-portal for primary school

October 2008

Master-disk of the CD-ROM game "Felix: Eine Wundersame Reise Durch die Zeit - 2" developed by The Web Production was approved by Hamburger Medien Haus.

September 2008

The Web Production localized CD-ROM game "What a muddle! What is wrong here?" into Russian for Noviy Disk publishing house.

August 2008

Web VV in cooperation with Tivola Publishing and The Web Production developed the first edutainment Nintendo DS title "Successful Learning: English for Primary School (1-4 Grade)"

June 2008

The Web Production is developing a trilingual CD-ROM game "The Brave Little Tailor on the Europe Trip" for Peissnitzhaus.

May 2008

The Web Production released the fourth CD-ROM from the mathematical Wochenplan series: Mathematics for the 4th grade.

April 2008

The Web Production made a demo for a digital book “Room On The Broom” written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

January 2008

The Web Production created an entertaining website based on Anni and Fred's adventures with the pirates.

December 2007

The Web Production released the first CD-ROM from the Wochenplan series for Klett Grundschulverlag.

December 2007

The Web Production and Noviy Disk publishing signed a contract for localization of "Time Machine: Anni and Fred at the Pirates" CD-game into Russian language.

November 2007

The Web Production started development of two Nintendo DS educational titles (Mathematics and English) for Tivola Publishing.

November 2007

CD-Rom game "Vernäht und Zugeflixt" created by The Web Production and published by MultiMediaManufaktur got Pädi 2007 silver award in the nomination "The Best Game For Kids 2007".

October 2007

The Web Production in cooperation with YourSL developed a website for KaDeWe Berlin.

September 2007

The Web Production developed a game published on the website of Russian Challenge, the first Russian team ever to take part in the Volvo Ocean Race.

September 2007

The Web Production sponsored a website which provides information about charity and non-profit organizations in Russia.

July 2007

The Web Production re-developed and delivered 20 online games to portal. The games represent different genres.

June 2007

Animated e-learning books produced by The Web Production for Pat&Pals were published at The power of story and charakters promotes quick learning.

April 2007

The Web Production received a further order from Web.De to create animated E-Cards for different events ahead this year. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Advent are among them.

April 2007

Hamburger Medien Haus and Coppenrath Verlag have authorized The Web Production to produce Felix Offline World, a CD-Rom series with the famous rabbit Felix, loved by children all over the world.

March 2007

The Web Production designers create animated E-Cards for different events. Web.De is a major client.

March 2007

The Web Production in partnership with YOURSL developed a virtual island in Second Life for T-Online, which was successfully presented at CeBIT 2007 in Hanover.

January 2007

Website for the new business center "Manufaktura" released by The Web Production.

December 2006

The Web Production released an online game Bobsleigh Competition for Swiss concern ATEL - sponsor of the Swiss bobsleigh team.

October 2006

The Web Production started development of an online game "Jungle Dash" for Early Learning Centre / Lovely Work (UK).

October 2006

The Web Production started a new animation project for iHaiku KidsClub. A lot of Flash animated screens with different characters will be created by TWP animators.

October 2006

The Web Production produced a series of animated cartoons for the TOP4, the leading direct distribution organization in Europe.

September 2006

The Web Production will release an online Bobsleich game by request of Atel, sponsor of a national Swiss Bob team.

August 2006

Website for the new business center "Raketa" in Peterhof released

July 2006

The Web Production will release an online game based on TWP pacman game engine with new characters adjusted to pharmaceutical theme by request of MSD Sharp & Dohme GmbH.

May 2006

The Web Production made a new release of "English with Freddy for the 1st-4th Grade" for Tivola Publishing.

May 2006

The Web Production launches the website for Taleon Residence -Sheremetyev Palace on the day of its grand opening.

March 2006

The Web Production in cooperation with publishing house BaumHaus Verlag and MultiMediaManufaktur will produce Find Mistakes CD-Rom game based on books written and illustrated by Ralf Butschkow.

March 2006

The Web Production in cooperation with Viva Media will produce a new Peanuts CD-ROM game "It's The Big Game, Charlie Brown".

March 2006

The Web Production in cooperation with publishing house Ernst Klett Grundschulverlag GmbH start producing 11 mathematical CD-ROMs for school workbooks.

December 2005

The Web Production releases the Mobile Casino for Taleon.

December 2005

The Web Production in cooperation with publishing house Tessloff Verlag will produce an interactive DVD "WAS IST WAS DVD interaktiv".

September 2005

One of TWP rally games was adjusted to wishes of “Henkel”.

August 2005

The Web Production started its cooperation with the Butterfly Effected Mobile Soultions, Hannover, Germany.

July 2005

The Web Production moves to its new premises.

May 2005

IKEA and Tivola choose The Web Production to built their new PC Based Kids Entertainement Plattform for IKEA Shops.

May 2005

VIDEORINGS a new productline from Arvato Mobile gets produced by The Web Production.

April 2005

Three Layer Webenabled System from The Web Production becomes the new media control plattform for Sassenbach Advertising and Harley Davidson in Germany.

March 2005

The 500.000 € Job now available from T-Online, Sassenbach Advertising and The Web Production.

January 2005

Tivola and The Web Production release the Special Edition of The Wild Football Guys.

December 2004

Built and manage your Flash Based Website Online without any programming know how in less than 10 minutes. The Premium Version of the DynamicSiteCreator for 1&1 Internet AG is now available.

September 2004

DynamicSiteCreator a licenced version of The Web Productions XpressPages goes online.

August 2004

Laura Stern - the Game for the movie from Warner Bros. gets released.

July 2004

Corporate Media Management Flash Interactive Presentation for von Oertzen Communication is released.

June 2004

The Web Production sponsers the First St. Petersburg Open Table Football Tournament.

April 2004

Lenta Cash & Carry - St. Petersburg leading Cash and Carry Market with several outlets in St. Petersburg Russia has appointed The Web Production with the developement of its first SMS based Customer Campaign.

April 2004

Megafon, Russia's leading GSM Network and The Web Production have signed today a cooperation agreement in which The Web Production will dliever a series of mobile games, wallpapers and screensavers exclusevely for the russian territory to Megafon.

March 2004

Arvato Mobile (former Bemobile - appoints The Web Production with the production of Ringtone Animations. This new Mobile COntent Format will be used in Mobile Phones with colour displays.

March 2004

Participation at Milia 2004. Our company presents its latest in Website Building, Online Gaming, Mobile Gaming and Content.

February 2004

The Web Production has successfully completed its new project - a web site for The Baltic Star Hotel. This new 5-star hotel is located in Strelna at the Finnish Gulf, next to the Konstantinovsky Palace and belongs to the Administration of the President.

January 2004

Tivola has appointed The Web production with the production of its new CD-Rom Heidi. Based on the famous children television series "Heidi" under the licence of EM-TV AG, The Web Production will produce a new Childrens Edutainment CD-Rom based upon the story of Johanna Spyri.

December 2003

The Web Production has produced a series of catkiller and dogkiller animated videos for BeMobile and HANDY.DE.

November 2003

The owners of the website White Days have reappointed The Web Production for the actual maintenance and service period 2003 through 2004.

October 2003

25th CD-game released: TKKG11 - Action! (in cooperation with Tivola Publishing House).

October 2003

TWP receives a Standard of Excellence Web Award from the Web Marketing Association.

September 2003

TWP is recognized as the producer of high-quality mobile content published at - one of the most popular mobile content portals in Germany.

August 2003

Launch of the new TWP Games Portal.

July 2003

TWP launched its own MMS Portal.